Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Some people do not realize it, but they’re suffering from depression. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the signs and symptoms that you may suffer from depression.



Here’re the Signs and Symptoms of Depression


Feeling Dull and Tired

If you suffer from depression, you will constantly feel tired and dull. For instance, you will not find the importance of laughing or smile when others are doing so. Your body will feel heavy, and you will prefer to lay back on the bed and not do anything.

Lack of Motivation

When someone suffers from depression, the lack of motivation to do something reduces drastically. For example, you will no more feel the urge to accomplish a goal such as losing weight because you’re no more motivated to do so.

Too much or Less Sleep

Depression can have a massive impact on the sleeping pattern. Some people will sleep excessively, while others will be victims of insomnia.

If you feel there’s a drastic change in your sleeping pattern, you need to seek professional help immediately. 

Drug Abuse

Depression can instigate people to go on an unwanted path, such as starting abusing illicit substances that can eventually become harmful in the long term. This will lead to dependency.

If you find that the consumption of drugs allows you to live a normal life, you need to consider talking to someone or seeking professional assistance immediately. 

Negative Mood Changes

People who suffer from depression tend to have negative mood changes throughout the day. For example, some get angry baselessly while others feel the urge to cry for no reason.

If you experience such issues, you need professional help immediately.

You No More Want To Socialize with Others

If you feel you no more want to socialize with your friends or families, it could be an emergency that you need to help. Do not be afraid to talk with other people that could help you out.