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Signs and Symptoms You May Have Anxiety

There’re several signs that can indicate you suffer from anxiety. If you experience any of the below signs or symptoms, it’s advisable to seek professional help immediately.



Here’re the Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety


Nervousness and Tensed

If you feel nervous or tensed baselessly, you need to consider going to a doctor because this is not something that happens with people who live healthy mental well-being.

Difficulty Breathing

If it happens that you’ve often experienced difficulty breathing for no reason, especially when you’re in an area where there’s plenty of oxygen, then this could be another sign of severe anxiety.


If you sweat for no reason, especially when the climate is not hot, this could be a sign of anxiety. Especially when you’re talking to someone, and you’re sweating because you’re not sure if you’re saying something wrong or not, this is undoubtedly a sign of severe anxiety.

Afraid and Feeling in Danger

If you feel afraid or inconstant that your life is in danger, you’re probably suffering from anxiety. 

For example, while taking a bath, if you’re afraid to close your eyes when you’re under the shower just because your mind is telling you, someone may come and stab you with a knife in the back. Then, you immediately need to seek professional help since this type of thinking is not normal.

Getting Panic Attacks

If it happens during the day or at night you’re having panic attacks, including difficulty breathing, feeling the urge to hide or cry out loudly, then you need immediate professional help immediately.

Excessive Worrying

Everyone comes to a state in their life that they do worry about many things. However, excessive worrying, especially baselessly, for example, if someone is not picking up your phone call, you may consider something horrible happened to them. Unfortunately, this type of thinking is probably a sign that you have anxiety, and you need not overlooked such symptoms.